LINKS || February 7, 2020

Happy Friday, you guys. Thank God, because bad decisions abound over here this week. 

I wore new shoes without socks on Tuesday and scraped every layer of skin off the back of my feet. Finding shoes that don’t make it worse, and then actually putting them on, has been a secondary trauma. 

I thought $17 of honey crisp apples would be a worthy investment. That’s approximately 7 apples btw. Anyway, it was an accident: a sign at the grocery store fooled me into thinking I’d found a smokin’ deal. Pre-bagged apples at $2.99/pound. I didn’t realize until they rang me up that I apparently had grabbed 6lbs. I didn’t have true buyers remorse until my husband and son ate ALL OF THEM in one single day. I was emotional about it until the next day when I managed to take down $30 of tacos and margaritas in about two hours and it suddenly all seemed really reasonable. 

Speaking of tacos, I was congratulating myself on two social interactions in one day when I went out for dinner with my SIL (after going out for lunch with another friend). However, apparently staying out until 9pm and having two margaritas on a weeknight is as negatively consequential as staying up late on a school night when I was eight. I need a recovery nap. 

Here, here to the weekend, amiright?!

1 || ICYMI

Kicked off the week with a fresh wardrobe capsule for February. Looking forward to representing every color in the crayon box this month. Check it out if you’re as sick of gray, gloomy, winter stuff as I am. 

On Wednesday I shared all the phone wallpaper backgrounds I created while getting really caught up on everything on Netflix. Speaking of, have you seen Miss Americana yet? 


I'm in the mood for some color. You think ol' Phil saw a rainbow along with his shadow?

3 || LINKS

Okay, so this week was a little politics heavy and I know you’re probably already sick of hearing about the 2020 election - Iowa, anyone? -  but I promise this is helpful. There’s only about a zillion Dems throwing their hat in the ring, so check out this tool. It runs through a few of the heavy-hitter issues and lets you select your opinion. Then it shows you which candidates most aligns with your values. Pretty cool, right?  

Home buying mistakes to avoid. Where were you when I needed you 5 years ago? 

Okay! I like pretending I’m super special, so this post about how the enneagram affects spending habits is just my kind of thing. 

Thoughts on the Super Bowl halftime show? Personally I wasn’t offended by any of it, but I’m also looking at it through my own lens, which isn’t particularly conservative, not a mother of a teenage boy, and didn’t watch with my grandmother - so mostly I was just thinking “damn, JLo looks good” and “how many languages does Shakira speak?!” We all have our own lens and I’m curious what you thought. 


Can we talk about adding a word of the day to our lives? I delightfully stumbled into this word while reading a Money Diaries and I have never felt like a word so truly described everything about me in my whole life. 


I just finished up White Oleander this week and it will take me a few days to recover -- in a good way!  Man, books like this are truly one in a hundred. I couldn’t put it down. Furthermore, I mentioned that I was reading it on Instagram last weekend and someone brought to my attention that there is a Michelle Pfieffer movie, so I think you know how I’ll be spending at least two hours of my weekend. 

I’m just about halfway through Wally Lamb’s "I'll Take You There”. It’s a little hokey, but Wally’s gift is his prose, so I’ll keep going until it’s over. Stay tuned. 

6 || PLANS

Hm. Nothing? I say that every week and lately I’ve been exceptionally whiny about having cabin fever. Which is why I’m loading up the end of the month with excessively busy weekends, so I can hate my life for totally different reasons. Nothing like a good swing!

Seriously though, it looks like we’ll have sunshine on Saturday and that’s enough to coax me out of the house. I don’t really have any errands to run, but that’s never stopped me from finding a beach or a TJ Maxx. If it could break freezing, that’d be cool. 

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