What I'm Watching || January 2020

What I'm watching in January 202

So this is cool, winter is still going strong, maybe forever? I know, it’s February. I live in northern Michigan, this is part of the gig, but man, I could not be more over it if I tried. I am so ready to move on and not be cold for a minute. But here we are; it’s cold and I’m not going outside, so I guess I’ll watch TV.

You know I’m into Mad Men, but here’s what else I’ve been squeezing in:

Miss Americana (Netflix) 

Okay, me and everyone else is watching this, but I thought it was pretty good. Even if you’re not a Swiftie, it's an interesting insight into the music industry and the way you just can’t please everyone.

Toy Story 4 (Disney Plus) 

I’m going to warn you that, in my opinion, this is the saddest ending yet. No further spoilers - this one just really hurt me. But before that it’s such a fun dip back into the Toy Story world. New characters, a couple of freaky ventriloquist dolls, and the new favorite at our house, Duke Caboom.

American Horror Story (Hulu) 

If you haven’t watched this anthology series AND you’re into a little freaky gore, this show is so so so good. I’ve watched seasons 1-3 and had to take a break when I started dreaming about it. I just picked it back up with season 4 - Freak Show - and I’m all in.

Sex and the City 2 (Netflix) 

Content-wise, I think they actually did a few of the characters really wrong here (Aiden would never cheat) but it was silly and sexy and Big was his regular a-hole self, so it felt like coming home and being with family Back when this came out in 2009, I wanted to see it badly enough that I went to the theatre alone. That felt like a big deal when I was 21.

The Imagineering Story (Disney Plus) 

If you thought Disney Plus is just for kids, you need to check this out. Basically this documentary series is the background story of each of the Disney parks and the expansion of the Disney brand. It’s very interesting. I had no idea there were so many parks around the world, let alone the detail and work they go to in order to preserve the nostalgia of the brand while incorporating the culture of the host country. Furthermore, the cruise line --- very interesting.

Drunk History (Hulu) 

I’m not sure why it’s so funny listening to drunk people narrate American history, but it is and I can’t get enough. Besides, it’s educational.

Inception (Netflix) 

Netflix really brought some A-game movies to their streaming services this month, and I include Inception here. It’s such a mind fuck of a movie and the end still kind of has me curious. Ryan and I are both into it, so we watched it together after dinner on Valentine’s Day. Movies we’re both interested in are so rare, so this one feels like a big deal.


What are you watching?

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