LINKS || February 21, 2020

You know how I usually pop in here on the weekend being all “I’m not leaving my house!” and “maybe I’ll scrub my baseboards!”

Well not this weekend folks. I’m going to wear something that isn’t yoga pants and I’m going to go out on Saturday night. Can you believe? It's Ryan's stepmom's birthday, so it's still pretty tame in the grand scheme of things, but I was telling Ryan the other night that it's been so long since I've gone out that I'll probably have two glasses of wine and be totally drunk.

Duke quickly pipes up, "Dad, I'm plobably gonna get drunk too."

And we laughed because man, that kid is funny.

Anyway, then I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out next week, so let's not celebrate too hard. I like to avoid my problems (which explains why I've had this referral since last summer and only just made the appointment) so I'll be pretending next week doesn't exist.

1 || ICYMI

Well, you didn’t miss much. I wrote exactly one other time this week and it was about what I’m watching on the various streaming services I’ve been coaxed into paying for.

But PS - here’s what’s coming to Netflix in March.

2 || INTO IT

My whole week has been wrapped up in Pinterest level birthday celebrations and now I’m very into honesty cakes.

I've got a couple ideas for cakes. Like these, for instance-

  • You should stop having passive aggressive meme fights with your ex-husband on FaceBook.
  • Related: You know your FaceBook is public, right? 
  • Thanks for using social media every day to really make sure we know your political stance!
  • I see you watch my IG stories. 

Just some thoughts!

3 || LINKS

I guess I’m a Linda. For sure I know a Kathy or a Karen.

Well this is nice: impactful ways to show your partner more appreciation.

The real definition of reaching across the aisle: When You’re in Love With Your Political Opposite. Ryan and I are very opposite, but have a bi-partisan agreement to not talk about it...much.

Remember when I told you that my Oma said orange is my color? Well, now you too can know your “wow!” colors.

Self-care for Toddlers, because they need a break from all that stress, don’t they?

If literature’s complicated men were on Tinder.


Jeans. Now that yoga pants tucked into Hunter boots season is coming to a close, I’m going to have to start wearing pants again. Bummer.


I finished up this book last week after spending literally all day Saturday buried in it. Duke played all morning while I basically ignored everything around me for a good 5 hours. It was his dream come true - he got to play in the sink undisturbed and I said “yes” to like, 4 popsicles in a row. Then, while he napped, I told myself I would do laundry. I didn't. I read.

I’m still reading The Paris Wife and I picked up City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I’m only a few chapters into so far.

You can see the full list of books I've read in 2020 here. 


I've loved this word since the first time I read it in a Kennedy Biography.

7 || PLANS

Trying to wrap up everything at home, get the bathroom cleaned and leave Ryan a few easy things to eat so I don't have to worry about these turkeys while I'm stumbling around on my second glass of wine.

Next week, Ryan's flying off to Chicago for a day (if you think a vehicle purchase is the reason, you're right) and I've got the wisdom tooth thing, and we have a few other unpleasant necessities to squeeze in there, so I'll just focusing on the here and now right up until Monday. Sounds cool.

Happy weekending guys!

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