PHONE WALLPAPERS | February 2020

Hey guys. Still trying to pretend that I’m doing something valuable with my time when what I’m really doing is watching too much Netflix. So if you’re wondering what’s new - nothing. But also, those 2020 motivation feelings are still mostly goin’ strong.

I'm back again with some fresh background wallpaper art for your phones this month. And as a refresher, if you need a real quick tutorial on how to make a picture your phone's background wallpaper, you can find that here. 

If I’m not your jam, but phone wallpapers are, here’s a few places I’ve had good luck finding great designs in the past:

The Everygirl -- posts fresh tech backgrounds every month. I'm personally loving this one
Callie Danielle - new designs every week, saved on Instagram story highlights. Kind of hit or miss for me but there's usually a few gems.

 Thanks for letting me share!

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