2020 Personal Goals

2020 Personal Goals

You guys, ‘tis the season. Brand new year and all the annual expectations, like how in 2020, I’m finally going to get it together. Lolololol forever.

Seriously though, I’m not here to poo-poo on goals. I think goal-setting is awesome and personally, writing out goals is a huge motivator for me. I always set a few New Years' resolutions and in the last handful of years, I’ve managed to achieve a few of them. But I should be candid and tell you that I pretty much stay in my lane. I make reading goals, usually in increments to be just enough of a stretch to not be a total gimme. But transparently, I’ve also struggled with a few personal goals, like finding a fitness routine that I can stick with, or addressing some negative feelings. That part sucks, but I think still think it’s valuable. You just figure out what works and what doesn’t, and the cool thing is if it doesn’t, you get to try again next year.

I wanted to tell you what goals I’m chasing this year. And please tell me yours. I’m always so interested to know what challenges other people are crushing because, self-servingly, it inspires me.


Grow my blog: I have a couple of numerical metrics I’d like to hit, but in general, I would like to take my writing a little more seriously this year. And candidly, this is a goal I’ve had on my resolution list for a few years now, and never managed to put a checkmark on it.

Read 12 Non-Fiction Books: last year I decided to make a goal out of getting back into the swing of reading consistently. Now that I’m there and have a nice little routine worked out, I want to pump some learning into my hobby.


Find a workout I can stick with: I mean, 12th times the charm? I’m starting small and realistic, so maybe this actually is my year. I’ve been using Emi Wongs 15 min Quiet Cardio HIIT - quiet so I can get her done before my family wakes up.

Play with Duke for at least 30 minutes each night: you guys, I’m embarrassed to even put those words on paper. I’m not a totally crappy mom, I spend time with Duke, but most nights the dinner-bath-bed routine kind of owns me and all of our time spent together is doing chores. He likes to help me make dinner, so a lot of our quality time is him stirring something on the kitchen island, while I’m distracted by a boiling pot, or multi-tasking to feed the dogs while I wait for whatever is in the oven to finish up. We spend every evening together, but I want to make a more concerted effort to make some of that time playtime.

Travel: I am traditionally a homebody and I know it drives Ryan nuts that I always use my vacation time to stay at home. I haven’t traveled anywhere for the last six years, and he’s gone on a few trips solo because I’m just not willing to use my PTO that way. Well, last fall we bought an RV and I am resolved to put some miles on it this year. Ryan’s always like, Michigan is cool, but like, so is Utah.


 I have a few other personal goals that I won’t write about specifically here because weight and work and money goals are sensitive in different ways, but essentially I’m just hopeful for a year that produces a happier, more fulfilled and comfortable me. Cheers to that, amiright?!

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