LINKS AND AN UPDATE || January 5, 2019

Hi friends - happy Sunday! And hello from my fresh new blog with a freshly purchased domain name. My old blog had a bunch of stuff from way back in 2012 - and maybe even earlier - that was just clutter, so I moved along. The new domain was for two reasons: most importantly, I typo-ed when I bought it and had a misspelled address that made me want to roll my eyes far enough back to see my brain and non-confrontationally but passive aggressively (my typical MO) tell her to get it together. And also, less importantly, if you've read here long enough, you know I'm not really equipped or qualified to have a domain name that suggests I'm going to be giving any kind of parenting advice. I'm not. I'm winging motherhood, basically satisfied when we're not all crying.

He woke up five minutes ago and I've already heard "heeeeey mom?" at least seventy-two times, so he's currently watching baby shark do do do do on my phone and if he grows up to commit a felony, you can all blame me and the screen time I was okay with. I accept.

Anyway, Biblio-Style. I'm almost nervous that I spelled it wrong again because I can't believe the domain name that's a nice riff on bibliophile for people who also enjoy fashion consumerism was available and also that it was only $10/year, so if you see a typo, don't tell me. I'm still trying to believe that 2020 is my year.

Speaking of the new year:

Now let's get into how I wasted my life on the internet this week.

1 || Into It

For christmas, Ryan got me a bottle of clear coat polish that smells like it would seal paint to a car, which knowing him, it might. It is amazing. Truly. You can find it here.

Now I'm even more mesmerized than usual, stocking manicures I want to try.

2 || Something Fun

18 Bucket List Experiences - I'm sold.

The whole list is very specific, so maybe not totally realistic, but I'm throwing the Glacier Express and the trip across Canada on my life goals list pronto.

3 || Links
4 || Reading

Just finished my first book of 2020 - The More of Less Definitive Guide to Self Care - and checking off the first non-fiction read of the year (my NY resolution is to fit 12 of them in.) I'll follow up on it later this month, but I think it was worth the read.

This morning I grabbed One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich off my bookshelf, saved from my senior year Russian lit class and I'm concurrently making my way through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. That one is on the shelf next to my bed and I swear I get through two pages before I conk out, so it's going to be slow-going.

And that's not a shade on the book. It's quite good and very engaging for non-fiction. I'm just always tired. Duke told someone the other day that "mommy likes to clean and sleep" and while I wouldn't say that's what I like to do, it is a fairly accurate depiction of my life.

5 || Shopping

The blue bottle, Seche Vive, is the clear coat I got for Christmas. It reeks, but it works. I'm also very into red right now. Bright, blue based red and good moody wine colors.

7 || Plans

Lay low. Sleep and read. Clean a little bit.

Last night I took Duke to see Frozen 2, in which Olaf and Sven are on their comical A-game, but otherwise I thought it was kind of a weird follow-up to the original. Unimportant though, because Duke loved it. He was laughing those deep baby belly laughs through the entire thing and I cried at the end, so it was worth every single penny.

Happy weekending you guys. It'd be cool if it could be today for like, three times as long as Sundays usually are.

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