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Hey friends - happy Sunday! We're finally getting that snow that last weekend promised us, so I'm in full hunker down mode. Just over here being a cliche with my twinkle lights and and a very full Netflix queue.

I'm a total homebody in general, but in the winter, it turns into an extreme sport. How many weekends in a row can I stay in my house? How many shows can I binge watch? How many naps can I take? The answer to all of those is a lot.

Seriously though, I'm getting a little antsy to be outside again, and not in the snow and that is why you'll find many variations of "January vacations" and "warm places to go in the winter" on my Google search history. Sometimes I google pictures of Hawaii so I can get very specific in my daydreams.

It's free to dream! But let's get back to reality and discuss all the ways to waste some time on the internet this week.

1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's everything I yammered on about this week.

Did you know that January 17th is statistically when people give up their resolutions? Weird right?! If it's true that you only need 21 days to change a habit, it sucks that so many people give up just a few days before really hitting their stride. I'm not perfect, but I did make it to January 18th. And here's How I'm Keeping My Goals on Track.

Gettin' fancy - and bored - so I spent a few weeks working on designing some Phone Wallpapers.

January iPhone Background Wallpapers

Remember being a kid and everyone else's toys were so much more interesting than your own? I grew up to feel the same way about beauty products. Whatcha got? I'm sharing my holy grails with my 8 Best Product Purchases of 2019.

2 || INTO IT

Books on my immediate list. I'm on pace for a book a week, so maybe I should try for 52 books this year? Big game to talk for being only three weeks in though, you know?

P.S - Nicole Richie's favorite books from 2019. 


Winter's one redeeming quality --

4 || LINKS

Other Jeans Besides Mom Jeans - we like alternatives.

Because sometimes we still need someone to tell us what to do.

Buzzfeed thinks I'm a 20-year-old Katniss. Meh. You?

If "get a new job" is on your 2020 goal list: 25 Famous Women on Starting Over in a New Career.

Eerily spot on.  Related: maybe my phone really is listening to me.

Lol, but totally true. 2019 was the year of the seltzer. Now to church it up a bit.

Pivot: my jaw dropped straight to the floor reading this article about the ~ average costs ~ of weddings. Who's on the hook to pay for it? How much does it cost? Full disclosure: Ry and I spent 2k on our wedding and it was a blast, but apparently it's not uncommon to be upwards of 50k? I need to fetch my jaw again. Please discuss.

Get it out by posting it. Anonymously of course.


I finished up One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich yesterday and started Girl, Stop Apologizing.

A couple immediate thoughts.

Ivan: I forgot that the Russians are very unique in their naming strategies. The title literally has the character's name in it, but the actual text pretty much never calls him by it. Flashback to 2012 and Russian Lit. How did I forgot how hard it is to keep track of characters with 15 names to casually cycle through?

Rachel Hollis: I'm here to see what all the hype is about. I'm already annoyed with being called "girl" and "sister" all the time, but I'm willing to see where this goes.


Have you dabbled in the enneagram stuff yet? I've been pretty interested and still waffling on if I'm a 3 or a 9 (every test I take goes back and forth but the internet says a combo is not possible. Okay). Anyway, I landed on this Enneagram Insta a few days ago and scrolling it is my new favorite way to kill 30 minutes.

If you're into it -
Start here.
This one is helpful too. Which bothers you most?
And once you know, go here and laugggggh.

It really helps you know invaluable stuff like, you know, what kind of soda are you?

EnneagramTypes and their soda counterparts

Don't we all just love to feel seen?

7 || THE END

Okay! The weekend is only 50% over and that is reason to celebrate. I have big plans to make soup and maybe go sledding this afternoon. Then after spending no more than five minutes outside, coming back in, wrapping up in a blanket and never leaving my couch. I'm already looking forward to it.

I'll be back next week to talk about what podcasts I'm listening to and some thrift shopping, so stay tuned.

Happy weekending, friends!

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