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Happy Friday, you guys! Busy week over here with a few projects in the works, a busier work week, and trying to squeeze in my real priority: Mad Men and several bowls of popcorn. Are you sick of hearing me talk about Mad Men yet? Hang with me. I’m rounding out season 3 and at this rate, I’ll be done by the end of February so we can move on to other obsessions. Like rewatching Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives.

Not even kidding, that sounds so good.

Quick PSA: I made this killer salad recipe last weekend. Then I bought double the ingredients and made it again. Trust me guys - it rocks.

1 || ICYMI

Started off the week with some one-liners. Not so much the funny movie kind, but rather the kind that clocks you over the head with some fresh perspective.

Back in business with What I Read. I technically never stopped reading, but for the last few months of 2019, I was plowing through the Harry Potter series which probably doesn’t require much of a recap. Finally banging out some new reads and maybe getting a little overconfident with my goals.

It’s Friday and that means we get to treat ourselves, right? I like to eat something bad and buy myself stuff for making through another week, but that’s just me. If that’s just you too, check out these sales happening this weekend.


Full disclosure: I love horoscope voodoo so much. I also love podcasts and if you like those two things, you should tune in daily for your quick two minute forecast on Horoscope Today. No shit, today “the luminous moon, Venus and Neptune sparkle in (my) house of private affairs.” Sparkle? I’m sold. Tell me more.

Seriously though, I listen to Leo Today every single day and I enjoy the heck out of it.

3 || INTO IT


I should knock on wood before I say this, but this winter hasn’t been too bad. We have a decent blanket of snow, so it’s not totally gray and ugly, but I haven’t really risked my life even once driving into work this year. I’ll take that win, but it also has me thinking that winter might wind down a little earlier this year (pleaseGodpleaseGodpleaseGod) and I should really crank through every winter activity I actually enjoy before the end of February.

Obviously it’s a short list.
  • Go sledding with Duke. 
  • Build a snowman and wait for Duke to inevitably name him Olaf (or Samantha - he's been really into that lately.)
  • See if George can mush. 
  • Fantasize about being a snowbird. Imaginary shop for furniture for my imaginary house in Hawaii. Casually show Ryan houses for sale on Maui. For real drink a pina colada and practice saying “aloha!”

One a week sounds pretty doable. But I’ll go ahead and hit number 4 about a 100x.

5 || LINKS

Redirecting you to actual writers -

Americans aren’t educated on international politics. See also my Oma’s disappointment at how poorly educated I am on geography. Seriously though, the world is not proprietarily owned by individual countries. We all have the right and responsibility to know what’s going on.

Related: Kate vs. Meghan. Why is this a thing?

You know that flip-clock in every stock photo of a Mac desktop? You can download it here. I’m so excited to be trendy now.

Girl Power. I'm a sucker for a good graphic tee and I'd take every single of these.

Tieghan Gerard authors the only food blog I've ever loved. I was delighted to see her profiled in the annual Create and Cultivate 100.


I’ve learned a few things this week. First, Sherlock Holmes is not my jam. That was a bummer.

The other thing is that if I’m going to read a memoir about a career waitress, it’s going to bring right back to feeling like an Applebees Apple Buddy, and man is that an unpleasant place to return to. I’m in the middle of Waiting: Confessions of a Waitress and it is almost too relatable. When I’m in charge of everything, everybody is going to spend a year waiting tables. It’s character building and I sincerely believe we could change the world and make it a slightly less asshole-y place. Maybe some people would develop some empathy if they’d spent a summer being verbally assaulted by hungry patrons who have no soul.

Seriously though, there’s no reason for the way humans treat other humans, but I’m semi glad to see it’s a shared experience. It’s nice to belong.

7 || PLANS

So, Toy Story 4 is playing for a buck at the Garden Theatre in Frankfort and that’s hard to beat. Caveat: it’s at 3pm and that’s right in the middle of naptime, so I’ll be forfeiting an afternoon snooze and that is a pretty big ask. We’ll have to wing that one.

I pretty much hit my winter wall last week and staying in from Friday at 5:30 until Monday at 8:00 is not going to be an option anymore  Side note: my car developed a hole in the exhaust earlier this week and now it sounds like a late '90's Neon with a fart can exhaust. Should I get an Auto Zone spoiler to complete the look?

Happy Friday, guys!

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