Hey guys, happy Wednesday! Halfway to that weekend, although if I remember correctly, it’s approximately 7 years between Wednesday and Friday, and then 12 seconds from Friday to Monday. Pretty much, anyway. I spend my weekends catching up on laundry and meal planning, so I don’t know if it’s so much time flies when you’re having fun as it is time drags its heels kicking and screaming when you just need a friggin’ nap.


I’m pulling in a little passion project here. I generally like to spend my free time in super-valuable ways, like scrolling Instagram and checking poshmark again, but I’ve been really inspired by the phrase “you can spend your time or you can invest your time.” Ever since, I’ve been playing with some fun design tools while I sit perched on the couch after dinner. It fulfills the need to do something while Netflix plays in the background, but unlike Instagram, it results in something.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite recent projects - phone wallpaper backgrounds - in case you like swapping out new images as much as I do.

If you need a real quick tutorial on how to make a picture your phone's background wallpaper, you can find that here. 

If I’m not your jam, but phone wallpapers are, here’s a few places I’ve had good luck finding great designs in the past:

The Everygirl -- posts fresh tech backgrounds every month. I'm currently enjoying the January to-do list on my desktop.
Callie Danielle - new designs every week, saved on Instagram story highlights. Kind of hit or miss for me but there's usually a few gems.

 Thanks for letting me share!

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