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Hey guys. How are you doing? How's quarantine? Are you taking it seriously? Are the people around you taking it seriously?

I'm surprised by how many people aren't. I mean... this is the easiest mandate ever? Stay home - okay, sure. You really don't have to talk me into that one. I'm still working, which I am very grateful for, and that's been a small adjustment, but overall I think it's going fine. Duke is just very interested in my virtual meetings every morning. Anyway, I'm honestly confused by how many retired folks I know are still bopping around, casually visiting each other and just trying to die, apparently.

A completely unrelated photo from my Cali trip because I'm definitely pretending to be a California girl forever now and it feels sort of....relevant?


1 || ICYMI

Well, you didn't miss much. Contrary to what my husband and son believe, I had a busy work week and did almost zero personal writing. But not totally zero.

A couple pictures and quick commentary on how the coronavirus blew up while I was in California last week.

A spring roundup of cute manicures that I am way underqualified to DIY, but I'll probably try anyway. I love getting frantically frustrated.

Some WFH silver linings from my home office. Not mentioned: brushing my teeth after I eat breakfast and finish a full pot of coffee. So life changing.

2 || INTO IT

A few things just speaking to my heart lately:

3 || LINKS

- Listen you cool cats and kittens, I'm not even going to offend you by asking if you've watched Tiger King. This garbage fire has unified us through a difficult time and I encourage you to fan the flame.

- Thanks, Tim: A boomer managing social media is so wholesome and hilarious.

Virtual Disney rides serve everyone. Bored? Need a 10-minute work break? Kids won't stop talking to you while you're trying to make a work call? A virtual scoot up Expedition Everest is good for us all.

Name and shame. I can't believe this isn't obvious to everyone, MAKING MONEY IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN PEOPLE. Jesus.

Pornhub doing some good in the world. Don't worry, I'm not linking you to porn. This is an actual article.

🚨RED ALERT🚨: The National Emergency Library is making 4 million books available to borrow digitally for free through the end of June. Here's one of my favorite books if you're looking for recommendations.

- Real talk: there's a lot of us who are new to the work from home thing, and there are even more completely worthless guides to how to do it. Here's some actual advice and bonus, you'll probably laugh a little bit.


March has been a slow month. I didn't read much while on vacation and I dropped a dumb book after forcing myself through 50% of it. Anyway, I'm not here to complain. I finally finished up The Hemingway Women this week, polished off a book about The Astors, and now I'm reading a delightful book called The Great Husband Hunt by Laurie Graham.

Only a few chapters in, but the writing is practically effervescent. It's a nice change of pace after reading two non-fictions back-to-back.


6 || PLANS

It's hilarious how Ryan and I continue to ask each other or normal boring "what are you up to today" question every day. As if we're up to anything.

Oh you're staying home today too? How interesting.

I'll be reading and maybe rewatching Tiger King and probably painting my nails again.

Happy weekending!

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