LINKS || March 13, 2020

Hey guys. I’m in California where I’ll be working on becoming a connoisseur in fish tacos and chasing sunsets on the Pacific ocean. I’ve never been here, so I’m coming in with very high expectations. I’ve also got my eyes wide open for rogue celebrity sightings.

Side note: can you believe how much the Coronavirus thing has taken off? I mean, I’m trying not to touch my face, but now that I’m focused on it, I swear it’s the only thing I want to do. Seriously though, I’m not cavalier, I just don’t feel that worried about it. I’m enjoying the empty airports though. If I had more PTO, I’d just spend the entire month flying all over the place, because ticket prices are low and the security lines are empty.

1 || ICYMI

Best part about flying from Michigan to California is the time difference. I left the mitten at 8:20 and was on the west coast by mid-morning. It’s time sorcery though, and I still had a long flight. Here’s my podcast playlist to kill some time.

Last week’s links. Still haven’t pulled the trigger on white sneakers if you were dying to be updated.

2 || INTO IT

Pretty much focused on what I’m going to eat on the west coast. It looks like rain and cool temperatures are on deck, which, whatever. 50-60 degrees is still very acceptable to me this time of year. Also, a little rain never stopped me from snacking on fancy ice cream sandwiches and artisanal hotdogs. Can you believe that’s a thing?!


Jamming through The Hemingway Women, which I can’t remember, but I think I mentioned last week. It’s taking me forever because that dude was married four times and had a zillion affairs, so it’s a loooong story. Such a turd, but he married interesting women so he had good taste I guess?

I just finished up The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd which was also long, but a real page turner. It’s historical fiction, which I love because I can dabble in wikipedia searches as little snacks along the way. 5/5 - highly recommend.


5 || PLANS

I’ll be in Cali, driving down the coast until mid-next week. Anything I definitely need to see? Or more importantly, need to eat? I stumbled on this photo-heavy list of interesting things to taste in San Francisco and you should consider it done, done, and done. Also, check it out just to see a glazed donut as big as your head. It’s worth the click. My eyeballs about bulged out of my head.

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