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You guys, it's March. Isn't that the best? I like to think of the year like a week, and March is a solid Wednesday morning. We've got the weekend in sight! And like the holy saint that Spring is, it showed up in full force on March 1st - sun out, breaking freezing.

Also - I always wonder if it’s like this everywhere else - but man, guaranteed on the first pleasant, but not even that warm day of the year, you can be sure you’ll spot someone in shorts. I found mine at the library, prancing around like it’s summer or something. I’m not quite that optimistic in the mid-40s, but I did go outside on purpose and not just sprinting between my car and house doors.

1 || ICYMI:

A read a few really great books in February.

Also, I’m just still casually pretending to be a designer. You can check out the iPhone wallpapers I put together here. Here comes the sun has me feeling all kinds of optimistic.

A quick life lately post here. And this isn’t click-bait -- I talk about my dog passing away, so if that kind of thing bums you out, I’d avoid it.

2 || INTO IT

I spontaneously committed to going to California a few weeks ago and I'll be flying straight into the US hub of the coronavirus next week and I can't wait. I'm definitely California dreaming.

California Food In and Out Burger and Fries
The Hollywood Sign
Canned Wine Beach Juice


It’s not just me, right? I am really into white sneakers and I’ve been casually shopping for a fresh pair lately.

4 || LINKS


She quit her job to travel the world. I am WAY into it.

An interesting take on The Biggest Loser.  Please discuss.

Lessons from 15 years of marriage. Here's mine: PICK YOUR BATTLES. Jesus.

Mike Pence's Coronavirus Prevention Tips. "Wash your hands for 20 seconds with holy water."


I'm still deep into my Hemingway kick. Not so much his books, but books about his life. I think once I wrap this book up - The Hemingway Women - I'll be ready to move on. I'm ahead of pace for my 52 in a year goal, but way behind on a goal to read 12 self-help books. I guess that's why I had to make it a goal -- I'm not usually into it. And not because I think I'm already so helped. Definitely not. I just usually find them to be dead boring.

Anyway, I'm also listening to The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd on audio and it's so so so good. Duke and I are driving down to Grand Rapids this afternoon and we'll be listening to it the whole way. He does a really good job listening to books on CD and so far we've been able to enjoy the same books well enough.


Here for your monthly serving of woo-woo. I recently used that "woo-woo" phrase with Ryan, who thought I straight made it up. I wish! I'd love if my legacy was making up a word that found its way into standard verbal usage.

I'm not loyal, so I like to read my horoscope on a ton of websites (and podcasts!) but Refinery29 spoke to me this week. Fun how horoscopes work like that, right? You find the one you like and that's it!

7 || PLANS

Duke B and I have big plans this weekend to spend some time with our friends in Grand Rapids. I don't know why two hours feels like such a long way, because it's really not and we should do this more often, but also we're all young-ish moms with full-time jobs, so you know, we do what we can.

I always describe these girls as my "high school friends" but then Stephy once commented that she does too, but really we could just drop the "high school" part because really we're still just regular friends who've grown up along the way. Anyway, I'm going to go with "friends I've known the longest that I still like to hang out with" and just pack my White Claws and hit the friggin' road to get to them ASAP.

Big plans to let the kids go nuts and wear themselves out while we catch up over a few bottles of wine. And with warm weather and some sun, I am telling you this is my ideal weekend.

Catch ya next week!

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