Working From Home Club: Taking New Members

So, last week when I scheduled a few posts to go live while I was in California, I had no idea that the coronavirus was about to turn the way we live and work and play completely upside down. I was kind of flip about it actually, and I wasn't taking it super seriously until things started shutting down around me. I got a jarring email from my boss on Saturday and it feels like things have just continued to escalate. I don't know about you, but I am now working from my freshly established home office, which is basically my computer perched up on an old vanity with some dirty dishes piled  in the corner because the distance ratio from my desk to kitchen is much further than it is at work and I still pile things up there.

It's cool though. I have this written on a sticky note as a reminder and it feels especially pertinent right now: you get to choose if you want to walk on the sunny side of the street.

I'm choosing the sunny side and focusing on the silver-linings.

WFH Life
It's honestly such a gift to be able to work from home. I'm seeing a lot of friends get laid off or burning through seriously precious vacation time right now. Both of those are bummers. I am going to be grateful that there is work for me to do.

Co-workers here are top notch
I mean my dogs. My toddler is basically the co-worker who never stops interrupting me, always wants my snacks, and gets extra needy when I'm busy. Also, he won't keep his pants on.

Truly cannot be beat. It's finally totally appropriate to wear trendy ripped jeans during work hours and flip-flops in March. I'm also using this opportunity to test out how far I can push the limits of dry shampoo, which will prove highly valuable when normal life returns.

The Weeknd's new album dropped
And obviously it's great.

Productive Lunches
I'm a champion errands runner during my lunch breaks, but I also fill that time with mindless shopping, or loafing around looking for new places to eat. Not ashamed. But I have switched to spending lunch time tossing a load of laundry in or prepping dinner.

Seriously though, here's what's working for me:

Write down tomorrow's to-dos tonight. 
Before I close my computer and shut off the light, I write a quick list of the things I want to accomplish tomorrow. It feels like a little closing ritual and helps me kick-start my day in the morning. No dilly-dallying -- I already have a plan for the day.

Get up, dress up, show up.
One, someday we will return to the cubicle farm, and maintaining routine is important to me to ease the shift back. Two, I think getting ready gets my head into the right space. Weekends are still reserved for sleeping in and being a slob-kabob, but if I'm working, I gotta feel like I look like it.

Optimism Quote Walking on the sunny side of the street

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