Spring Mani Round Up

Is spring the sweetest season?

Listen, I'm not making a case that it's the best season, because I think you all know my feelings on that -- I am here for summer only -- but in terms of most anticipated and perhaps the biggest relief to have in sight, I think spring's got it in the bag.

Now, I approach seasonal change, and just about everything I look forward to, like when I bought a house. I immediately started pinning a million inspiration pictures that will never ever make its way into fruition at Casa Hodges because it just hypes me up to imagine it and sometimes that's enough, you know? I'm right there with spring. Dreaming about it, trying on my flip flops every day, and imagining just the start of a sunburn on my shoulders. God, it feels good.


In this week's episode of vapid and not even remotely important things, I'm dreaming about all the manicures I'll forever say "I don't have time for that" and prioritizing those "inspo pics" by how likely I am to actually make them happen. Spoiler: if it's a solid color, consider it possibly feasible.

PS - here's all the manis that I love that I will never try because I value my self-esteem.

Looks achievable. It's not achievable.

I could probably accrue enough hours looking at rainbow nail art on Pinterest to sustain full-time job level activity. It's basically how I spent my free time and it makes me cackle laugh whenever I think about actually trying it. 

A few years ago, some friends were visiting and two of them were pregnant, so naps were a part of our daily agenda. I spent that hour giving the water marbling technique a swing. There is probably still nail polish on the ceiling of that bedroom because I lost my friggin' mind that day. What a fucking mistake. Polish and water -- everywhere

Hope your experiments are better than mine! Ha!

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