June 19, 2020 | Moving On

Here's something that I saved on a sticky note a few years ago, and I've been thinking about it a lot lately -

"If you’re willing to live with intention, and to make new decisions, there is a cost. That cost is emotional. Are you willing to deal with difficult emotions? Are you willing to move forward into your future without being able to fully predict the outcome?"

I left my job today. A good job, too. It's been six years, and today I walked out of the building with no plans to come back on Monday. 

It's not spontaneous. I gave notice a couple weeks ago, but it all really started last June at a small lunch table at the now defunct Lucky's. Ryan and I made some plans for this summer that day, but it is surreal when time passes and someday becomes today

We have a couple things to wrap up here and then we're going to spend the next few months traveling in our camper. I'm ready to move on, but I'm not really sure what's next, so we're taking a long vacation to figure it out. Stay tuned if people who sell all their stuff and go on a road trip is something you're into. 

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