Hey guys -- I'm unemployed, uninsured, and mostly doing a-okay. Honestly, we went away for the weekend and just came home on Tuesday, so it hasn't really hit me yet. I feel like I'm just on vacation and have to keep reminding myself that I'm not running out of days off. I really can push cleaning the kitchen off until tomorrow because what else am I going to do?

If you didn't see my post last week, I quit my job. Nothing spontaneous or acrimonious, just plain ready to move on. Ryan and I started planning this (along with a major family vacation) last summer, so we're well prepared, but I'm still doing the peaks and valleys thing with excitement and anxiety. I'm mostly concerned about blasting through our savings and being broke this time next year, but I guess I'll be rich with experience, right? 

I'll fill you in on the vacation in the next week or so, but first, let's talk about life lately. 


Hello! Not only did we have our first day of summer, it showed up fast and furious this year. It's been 80º since Memorial Day and I'm not here to waste a good hot summer. 

Working from Home

I just quit last Friday, so life lately still includes working for a living. Duke likes to perch up at my desk and click-click-clickety-click on my calculator, while chirping "I'm workin' Mama, just like you!"

If only it were so easy. 


Our stay-at-home mandate has been lifting in phases since early June, and while I'm in no rush to get back to the mall or public playgrounds, we have been catching up on hanging out with family and a few friends that we haven't seen since basically Christmas. 


It's been a slow month over here. I found this behemoth 5" thick book in the local Little Free Library and it was good for the first 2", but the rest was a slog. But 2" of book is a lot and I wasn't about to give up. That one took me forever. 

Happily, I moved on to Kitchen Confidential by my favorite voice to listen to while I'm cooking, Anthony Bourdain. I've wanted to read it for a while, and it was as delightful as I anticipated. I can't speak for his cooking, but he has earned every bit of his reputation as a writer. It was a fun read. 

Enjoying Home

We've got about a week before we take off, so I'm just enjoying the heck out of summer in Northern Michigan. 


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