Summer Mood Board | June 16, 2020

Summer Style Inspiration

The first day of summer is coming up this weekend, but I don't know about you guys - we've had summer weather for a hot minute now and it is a delight. Seriously, 80º by Memorial Day in Northern Michigan is a weird anomaly, and somehow it's stuck around. My fingers are double crossed for a nice long summer and if I hear one word about pumpkin spice lattes in August, I will be hate-glaring. 


Let's talk summer style, because this is what I dream about all year long. 

White Tees | Classic amiright? I like this knotted one, and this very affordable crop top from Target. 

Backless Tank | Sort of sexy, but also not totally inappropriate. I have this one in black. 

USA Crew Neck | It feels so Tommy Hilfiger circa the early Millenium. I'm still hunting for the perfect one, but this one is pretty good. 

Orange | Filed under "things I never get sick of". I would be willing to squander a lot of money on the two-piece getup in the picture above, but since I can't find it, this ASOS romper (for $16!!) and this Abercrombie jumper are fair back-ups for me. 

Retro Sneakers | I have had those green Adidas sneakers on a pinterest board for years now and still can't find them anywhere in real life. But these console me. 

Final notes: I'm really into that chest necklace, but couldn't find a link to send you to that wasn't 100% not suitable for work. And those Essie colors are Hay There (yellow) and Bolt and be Bold (orange-red). 

Happy Tuesday guys!

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