LINKS | June 26, 2020

Anyone else feel like June blitzed by? Always the good months, you know? Last summer, when Ryan and I were making plans for our 2020 road trip, we thought we'd hit the road by April and spend the whole summer out west. Obviously, things have *not* gone as planned and every warm month we lose feels like it's slipping through our fingers. I think May and June went faster than usual and that's saying something. 

But whatever. Things you can't control, right? So might as well just focus on enjoying them. 

Just to keep me grounded, Duke just gave me the business for "forgetting" to get him something to eat. This is 10 minutes after I asked him if he wants breakfast and he said "no." So I'm still getting hassled by my toddler and that keeps things in perspective. 

1 || ICYMI

Quit my job. Feels weird. 

If you're into podcasts, this one is for you. Non-committal episodes to enjoy when you don't want to get involved in a whole series. 

My summer style mood board. This is entirely not important, but then again, not much is when you really think about it. 

2 || INTO IT

Another Coffee? Yes, Definitely

40 of Americas Most Buzz-Worth Coffee Shops


I'm probably too old to shop there, but I think Aerie designs their clothes just for me. I love everything. I grabbed the pseudo distressed red dress and that romper in black a couple of weeks ago. And on the record, there's nothing like the classic Old Navy flip-flop. Cheap - check. Lasts weirdly forever - check. 

4 || LINKS

If you skipped over the 40 most buzz-worthy coffee shops in America that I linked above, let me redirect you. 

Water frontage + rich colors + patterns that send you into a seizure = dream home

Interesting theory. Can some men become emotional gold-diggers? Thoughts, please. 

Why the fleeting things in our lives give us so much joy. "Here are some of my personal favorites: springtime, new love, a frosty glass of rosé, a live concert..."

Mask Couture. Not even Anna Wintour could have guessed this trend. 


Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both. The Rock |

6 || PLANS

I'll be at a very low-key bachelorette get together this weekend #thankscorona. Our town recently enjoyed a resurgence of the virus that, according to the list of locations these folks were at, sounds like they had a pretty good time. All bars and wineries and I'm frankly delighted that the gals I'll be seeing on Saturday had the wherewithal to plan a backyard dinner with zero public pitstops. 

Other than that, it's business as usual for another week. Finishing up some home projects, casually panicking about where to hide food in bear country, and finding insurance that covers scorpion bites. Ryan always jokes that if I don't have anything to worry about, I'll make something up and man has this brain gotten creative lately. 

Happy weekending!

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