Round Up: Graduation Cards for The Class of 2020

Hey guys - happy Monday! A couple of my nieces are graduating this year - and what a stinker of a senior year, ya know? But I guess it's a fun lesson in things that aren't fair. Still makes me sad when I consider how much I loved my senior prom, and honors night and all that cheesy stuff that feels kind of good after 13 years.

On the plus side, all the 2020 graduation cards are just top-notch and I don't know, it's just nice to have something to laugh about. I was perusing today and now I'm here to share the ones I just can't wait to throw a check and some emotional notes into.

All of these are Etsy finds, and I clipped the company name and price into the image to make things easy. Each image is a link to the original shop.

The last one is my favorite. Ha! Happy social distancing!

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