LINKS | June 12, 2020

Hey guys, happy Friday. What a week. And I mean that. 

Without getting too mysterious, I pulled the trigger on a couple of significant life changes this week that I'll tell you all about soon, but for right now, I'm cycling between self-doubt and uncontrollable excitement. It's an emotional roller-coaster and now I understand why that colloquialism exists. 

In other news, I left my patio door open a couple of mornings ago, and a bird flew into my house. It was a 30-second ordeal and he flew right back out when he realized there wasn't much to see in here, but man, it took me a hot minute to readjust my adrenaline levels. 

I screamed and said "oh my god" about four times in a row, while my family slept on, totally undisturbed by the noise I was making. It was 6am and I only WISH I could sleep as soundly as they do. 

So that's it for me, I guess. Let's get to the interesting stuff. 

1 || ICYMI

You know, it's not very often that I consistently have my ish together, but I've been highly motivated lately, so there are actually a few things you've missed here on this blog if you haven't been here in a week or so. 

The weather is nice and the stay-at-home mandates are lifting, so your BFF relationship with Netflix might be wavering a bit. Let this bring you back around.  

Last year, Duke and I took on the important work of trying out a handful of local ice cream shops. Report out

A couple of my nieces are graduating from high school this year, so I have been perusing grad cards and what I'm finding is that they are hilarious

2 || INTO IT

While we're on the subject of sprinkles, nobody does them better than OM Ceramic

A sincere thank you The Pancake Princess for taking on this V important work: comparing popular funfetti cake recipes. 


A couple recent purchases - 


Related: if you need some manicure inspo

Mid-century modern prints for all your favorite cult movies. Would this be great in a hotel? 

If woo-woo is your thing, here are some horoscopes with sharp design

Now here's a story: a man who assumes he's on his deathbed pulls off a series of cons to live out his remaining years in style. But then he didn't die

Get a life: "Most of us live on auto-pilot."

I'm working from home today, where "the air smells like cinnamon candles and elbow room."
Related: dis me. 


The New Normal

6 || PLANS

Duke and I will be taking a scoot to visit a few friends we haven't seen since before the quarantine, so I've got a trunk full of white claws and juice boxes and a trip to Target planned to scour their summer aisles. Man it feels good to go out again. I'm looking very forward to day drinking and watching the kids tire themselves out chasing each other through a sprinkler. I can't think of a single thing to ask for on top of that. 

Happy Friday friends!

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