Podcast Episodes You Should Listen To | June 17, 2020

You guys know I love a good podcast recommendation, but usually they come in the form of show recs. Like, you know -- "hey have you listened to How I Built This? It's great" - which is a true recommendation from me. It really is great. But do you ever look for a podcast to listen to while you're cooking dinner or just driving over you to your in-laws and you don't actually want to get committed to a full series? 

Let me help you there, because I'm coming in full speed with a few episodes to put on your download list. No commitments, no need to catch up on the whole show, just a handful of good one-offs for when you need 30 minutes of someone talking at you. 

Fresh Air // Pete Davidson and Judd Apatow

Terry Gross is actually kind of grating to me. I think she interrupts people a lot and frankly I find her to be a little rude sometimes, but man does she get some good interviews. Pete Davidson and Judd Apatow were on her show to talk about The King of Staten Island, a movie they wrote together and that Apatow directed. 

I'm interested in Pete Davidson. I think he's funny on SNL and I think he has an interesting/relatable story that he's willing to share pretty openly. The movie resembles his real life (including losing his firefighter father in the line of duty) and so hearing him discuss the true versions of anecdotes that wind up in the script was fascinating. 

Judd Apatow did a nice job lending commentary with an industry veteran voice and gently defended Davidson when Terry Gross made borderline unkind comments. 

Motherhood Sessions // Feeling Complete with One Child

You know when you're talking to someone and they share some weird thing they do that you do too, but you both thought you were the only ones in the whole wide world? This episode was that for me. You feel this way!? ME TOO!

Reconciling that you might be the mother of only one child -- when it is not related to infertility -- feels very self-indulgent and honestly, hard to commit to. When you can have more kids and you just don't want to, everyone (including yourself) wonders why. 

This interview resonated with me to my core. She discussed the seemingly selfish reasons she doesn't want more kids -- Like, pregnancy sucks. Gaining 50lbs sucks. Having a newborn can suck. Some babies don't sleep for years -- and contrasted it with very relatable conflicting feelings that ultimately work out to be "I'm not ready to make a final decision." 

I feel felt this deeply and it was lovely to hear someone far more eloquently narrate the internal conflict.  

LIKEtoKNOW.it Influencer Radio // Kathleen Barnes - Carrie Bradshaw Lied

On a FAR lighter note, this episode is a true delight for anyone interested in how influencers build their business. I'd never read the Carrie Bradshaw Lied blog before listening to this podcast, but became a fan immediately after listening to this interview. Kathleen Barnes is practically effervescent in personality, and this sparkles from start to finish. 

She talks about what she studied in college, the typical 9-5s she's had over the years, and how she started turning her hobby for styling into a fulltime career. Even if you don't have dreams of becoming an official "swipe up!" ambassador, it's interesting to hear how this new industry works on the backend. 


Thanks for reading! And as always, I am VERY open to your recommendations, so send 'em my way :). 

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